Couristan carpetpuritypurity

Purity Wool Carpet by Couristan

Carefully developed to awaken the style sensibility of consumers, providing them with an opportunity to revitalize the look of their homes and renew the environment, the Purity® brand offers a refreshing assortment of eco-friendly natural wool wall-to-wall carpeting. Featuring over 40 products in its assortment, the brand’s color palette is inspired by earthy tones creating a warm and neutral foundation for any room in the home. Axminster, flatwoven, tufted and hand-loomed constructions are all offered in this brand’s product line, with cut-pile, loop, cut and loop and multi-level loop textured appearances predominantly displayed throughout. Each Purity® product adheres to one of three Green Designations that are designed to highlight the natural attributes found in each Purity® carpet:

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