Skip Wolfe started installing flooring in the 80’s. He worked nights and weekends doing job installs. In the late 90’s he went to work doing hardwood installs and refinishing. After spending a year learning that trade he decided it was time to venture out on his own.

In 1998 Skip started his own flooring sales and installation business. This business was established as “Skip’s Custom Flooring.   He worked out of his van selling product and installing carpet. This kept him busy on a full time basis and customers repeatedly would ask for a better selection/variety of samples.

This is when Skip decided to open a Showroom which would sample all kinds of flooring. (This first location was on Dock Street in Dansville.) His wife, Cathy, had worked with Skip and helped with the books. At this time he brought her into the retail end of the business. While Cathy was running the showroom, scheduling appointments, doing all the paperwork etc. Skip would continue to do all installations. As the business continued to grow After using numerous installers, he had come to hire Pat in 2001 who is also, now a full-time in house installer, he brought in his son, John in 2005 to be an installer. Skip taught John everything he knew. John is now employed by Skip’s as a full-time in house installer. In July of 2008, Skip would move to a bigger location at 17 Maple Street in Dansville. This bigger location would give him more space for larger displays. Also, the local lumber yard (Roger and Tenbrooks) would sit next door.  In May 2015 we expanded and open our second showroom at 125 south main street Naples NY where Joe is managing that showroom.

Still growing his business, in the fall of 2014, Skip brought in another son, Joe. Joe is learning the retail end of the business. He is, also, doing all of the marketing and advertising. Since Joe started he has built a web site and has been reaching out to many of our manufactures for more product.

Skip has always made it his priority to offer his customers quality products at reasonable prices. Always keeping up with the latest trends and changing up the Showroom to promote new and giving his customers an excellent job.


Why should you shop at Skip’s Flooring :

Skip’s Custom Flooring is a family owned and operated business. We take pride in what we do Quality is #1 and we carry the top of the line products so you have long lasting floors you deserve.

We invest yearly on new displays and updates, so we can offer our customers the best products available. New products, new designs and new colors but most of all Quality Products.

We take the time to educate the consumer on what they are purchasing. We show you what products are available to suit your needs. We even educate the customer how to properly maintain the floor. You are making an investment in your home. Proper product, proper install and proper maintenance is the key on any floor.

We are always willing to sit with you one-on-one at the showroom or in your home.

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